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MegaCalendar 1.1 & 1.2

Plugin Name: MegaCalendar
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Release Notes for MegaCalendar

MegaCalendar 1.0 – Initial Release (Date: September 10, 2023)

Welcome to MegaCalendar! Our initial release is packed with features designed to help you manage your business or organization’s events seamlessly within your WordPress website.

Key Features:

  • Event Creation: Easily create events with details like title, date, time, description, and location
  • Event Categories: Categorize your events for better organization
  • Shared Events: 
    • Send events to another website’s MegaCalendar
    • *MegaCalendar Pro – Receive events for a community calendar experience
  • *MegaCalendar Pro Recurring Events: Set up recurring events daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Layouts: List view, calendar view, event detail and compact list views available
  • Responsive Design: The calendar looks great on all devices, from mobile to desktop
  • Subscribe: Visitors/admins can add the calendar to their Google Calendar, iCal, or other calendar
  • Shortcodes: Embed the calendar in posts and pages using easy-to-use shortcodes

This release marks the beginning of an exciting journey for MegaCalendar, and we have many more features and improvements planned for the future.

MegaCalendar 1.1 – Venue and Category Editor

  • *MegaCalendar Pro Enhancement: Ability to edit venues
  • *MegaCalendar Pro Enhancement: Ability to edit event categories

MegaCalendar 1.2 – Single page event detail revamp and admin notices

  • New Feature: Redesigned and added single event page template which creates a new page called Event – Event Detail Page
  • Updated event details to include Schema for proper SEO indexing with search engines
  • New filter & action hooks added – see developer documentation
  • Update to API & API wrapper to enable multi-category filtering
  • Added admin bar and admin menu notice when shared Events are awaiting approval
  • Added ability to connect calendar page in settings creating buttons to View Calendar from admin area and Back to Calendar from event detail view
  • Improved accessibility
  • + many bug fixes and improvements

Please ensure you regularly update the MegaCalendar plugin to access the latest features and improvements. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for future updates, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for choosing MegaCalendar to manage your events and appointments on your WordPress website!