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MegaCalendar Pro

Select a Billing Preference

Pro API Key - Monthly

Billed monthly.

Pro API Key - Annual

Save 10% with Annual Plan! (<$15/mo)

Pro API Key - Lifetime

Pay once, enjoy eternally! Please email support (at) to have us set up the one-time invoice for you. The price is 399.99 for a lifetime account.


Pro API Key - Weekly

Need to edit some venue names just once?  Create one recurring event one time?  Hide those old categories?

Get a weekly account here and then disable renewal from your manage account screen.

Pro API Key benefits

  • Recurring Events
    • Weekly Events
    • Monthly Events such as “Every 2nd Wednesday” etc
  • Receive events from other websites / calendars
    • Create a network of your own websites that all share events but can also list them separately
    • Send events to and from other people’s MegaCalendars
  • Edit Venues and Categories
    • Rename Venues
    • Rename Categories
    • Hide (archive) or  unhide (Publish) from list

Enjoy the pro benefits featured above and one-to-one support with your pro API key. Feel free to downgrade or cancel anytime.  No events are removed if you cancel or downgrade.