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Recurring Events

MegaCalendar makes recurring events easy to create, it is just a click of a button!

This feature is only available to MegaCalendar Pro account users. You can get a pro account here.

Creating a Recurring Event

Go to the “Add/Manage Events” page from the MegaCalendar admin menu

Follow the Steps outlined in our “Create Event” Help Doc to create an event.

Recurrence Details Options

Recurrence Details Dropdown Menu

*The “Recurrence Details” field is set to “Does Not Repeat” by default

The dropdown provides several recurrence options based on the day/week/month that the event is being created for. These include

  • Daily
  • Weekly (on the day of the week the event was created)
  • Monthly (on the day and the week the event was created)
  • Yearly (the same exact day every year)
  • Every Weekday (every Monday – Friday)

There is a Custom option if the provided options are not what you are looking for

Weekly Recurrence

The “Week” option allows you to choose the day of the week that the event repeats on.

Monthly Recurrence

The “Month” dropdown option gives another dropdown to choose between repeating on the date or the day of the week


There is also an “End” option for recurring events, to be able to set a time to stop the events.

*This field is set to “never” by default

Editing a Recurring Event

From the “Add/Manage Events” page in the MegaCalendar admin menu, click on the event that you would like to edit. When all edits are complete, click the save button and a pop-up will appear with three different save options.

Update only this event  will only save the changes to the event on that day, specified by the event date you chose to edit.

Update this and future events – will save changes to the current event and all future instances of this recurring event.

Update all events – will save the changes to the current, future and past instances of this recurring event.