User Guides

Shortcode Options

The MegaCalendar can easily be inserted into any page or post by using the MegaCalendar Shortcode

Recurring Events

MegaCalendar makes recurring events easy to create, it is just a click of a button!

Sending / Receiving

MegaCalendar makes it easy to send and receive events to and from other MegaCalendars, all you need is a MegaCalendar User’s Handle.

Use the same calendar account on multiple websites

From the first site where you have set up MegaCalendar, visit the MegaCalendar settings screen and click “Show Acccess Tokens”. On the new website, visit the same settings screen and click General tab.  Enter the access tokens there and click save at the bottom.

Change Default Image

Use the following code in your theme’s functions file to change the default image. function mytheme_megacal_default_image( $path ) { return ‘’; } add_filter( ‘megacal_default_event_image_path’, ‘mytheme_megacal_default_image’ ); Just remember to change the filename and path to the image you choose.

How to Downgrade or Cancel MegaCalendar

You can downgrade or cancel your Pro API Key anytime. Click here to Manage Subscription / update your account: After confirming with a pin code that will be emailed to you, click here to cancel your account.  Your pro account will remain a pro account until the original expiration date.